I am Farah. I enjoy coding, learning new skills, and solving problems. Here is the main tech stack that I am currently working with:

Continued education is an integral part of my life. My coursework is diverse with special interest in Computer Science and Applications. Followings are my degrees and certifications, and an overview of my recent project.

Thanks for your time!

Education and Awards
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
  • Associate of Art, Information Systems
  • Academic Achievement Award- Elizabeth D’Entremont
  • Phi Theta Kappa member

  • 10/2020: Oracle Certified Foundations Associate, Java
  • 09/2020: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • 05/2015: Computer Programming Certificate

Recent Project
Description Analyzing data collected from various sources including local and online data locations.
Data Collection Python, Selenium Web Driver, Java
Data Storage CSV files
Data Processing Python, SQL